What we photographers want you to know

Are you thinking of hiring a photographic service? These are some of the things that you might never take into account, but that photographers want to tell you.


We care a lot that you connect with our work

A connection is the most important thing that can exist between photographers and their clients. If you are connected with your photographer’s work, that will be the determining factor. You are on the road to success if, when choosing the professional who will capture those precious moments, you want their images to move you.

It’s OK if you don’t know how to pose

It is our job to make them feel comfortable. Event and family photographers are used to working with ordinary people, couples, and families that you meet daily. We will never expect you to know how to pose at all, which means that we photographers know how to make you feel comfortable, have a good time, and create the best images at the same time. You can relieve some stress by knowing that you don’t need any experience in front of the camera to get good photos.

We love to help with planning

We want to know the details, we will help you with ideas and advice. Things like locations and hours of the day are super relevant to carry out our work, so let us know the details so that, together, we can create the best photos of your life. If you have any special details in mind, let us know. If there is an element or situation that is very important, comment on it so that we do not miss the opportunity to photograph it.

There is no need for a must-see photo list

As professionals we have been through thousands of sessions, so we probably have the necessary images in mind. When you hire a photographer, you have to trust that he will do everything possible to obtain those photographs that cannot be missed. Many people have in mind a list of photos that they may have found on Pinterest, but the reality is that the conditions given in that photo you saw and the conditions in which your session will take place are very different. From the angle of the sun, the position of artificial lighting, the colors of the environment, etc.

Trust your photographer, they will do their best to get the most out of the situation.

Your photos are a long-term investment

Well, nice or cheap, it’s up to you.

When considering choosing a photographer, you have to take into account that, like all professionals, the experience and studies involved time, money, and effort. Gaining the ability to make the incredible images that you fell in love with is a skill that comes at a price, so view photography as a long-term investment. The photos that you will treasure in 50 years, the heritage of identity that you will leave to your children, and your children’s children. Photography will be one of the few expenses that you can enjoy in the long run, coming back to them over and over again. The time capsule will relive what you felt at the moment. It is worth the investment, not only financially, but also in time, and the dedication that you will put into choosing the professional that suits you.

We give you the best photos.

We don’t keep the best for ourselves. No photographer will hide the best images from you, what he gives you is the best he took.
You might think, “Well, maybe I would like some of the photos that he didn’t give me.” If I were not a photographer, I would think the same, but from my position as an image professional, I can assure you that all photographers deliver the photos that, we consider, fall within our quality parameters. We may take ten photos of the same pose, but we give you the one with the best light, angle, focus, and expression. Trust the eye of the artist.

We do not deliver RAW files.
RAW files are like an uncooked dish. It is the file that the camera generates, and you will need a specialized program to process it. RAW files need to be edited, just so you can see them on a screen. Some people confuse the fact that we deliver “edited files” and think they can get a discount if we don’t process the images, but this is a mistake.

RAWs can be sold, but many photographers will charge you much more for that file, since editing is one of the parts where each artist prints their style, and by owning RAW, their photos can be misinterpreted. Your photographer is not obligated to deliver or sell the RAW to you.

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