Why do you need a Trash The Dress photoshoot?

Trash The Dress sessions are becoming increasingly popular, but not everyone dares to have one. Here I want to talk to you about some reasons why a session of this type may be just what you need, would you dare?

What is a Trash The Dress?

Three words that are controversial for many brides, how is it possible that someone came with the idea of destroying that very expensive dress that you fell in love with?

We have in mind the perfect image of a bride at her wedding: flawless, almost angelic, no one in their right mind would want to ruin one of the key elements of the happiest day of your life. But Trash The Dress proposes something else.

After your wedding day, after the dance, the extra glasses, the laughter, the costumes, the photos, and the makeup, that dress you love will be kept in a box for who knows how long. Maybe that wine stain will never go away and you probably can’t replace the button that fell off, so why not use it one more time, after the big day, to get the best photos of your wedding?

The Trash The Dress session is a session scheduled for after your wedding, whether it’s a few days or coming back from the honeymoon. It is about photographing yourself in unusual places, in unusual situations, wearing the wedding dress and suit. It is not necessary to destroy the dress, the idea is simply to have photographs that take a step further in originality and fun, without fear of anything. Next, I will give you some opinions about these original sessions and you will see that, after all, it may not be such a bad idea.

Photos without rush

During the wedding, there is a lot of stress and a tight schedule, it is likely that the photographer had to take advantage of the only ten free minutes of the night to take your photos. In a post-wedding session, you can forget about the rush. Now it’s just about you, walking through a beautiful landscape and enjoying yourself. Trash The Dress gives you the flexibility to go where you want, to travel, and do whatever you want without stress. Unlimited.

You Decide

The location, the activity, practically everything. As photographers, we will generally give you advice on what you need, but basically, it is the bride and groom who create the concept. A picnic on the beach, a climb, a walk through a remote village. Tell us about your dream, now is the time.

Also, you don’t have to destroy your dress, it’s just an excuse to put it back on and have great photos. If you do not want to damage your clothes, you can still take the shots of your dreams, just talk to your photographer, he will surely have many proposals for you. On the other hand, if you do venture out, we love to get dirty. At Film & Photo Club we love those risky couples, we have a lot of fun taking photos out of the ordinary.

They will take the best photos of your life

Obviously, on your wedding day, there is no opportunity to take a road and go to the desert 4 hours away to find the best place, and, likely, your room does not offer the natural views that you get when you go on an adventure. Each couple is different, that is why these types of photos are a unique expression, an authentic way to show your love. That’s why we love them.

If you have an idea for your dream photos, tell me. I will be more than happy to help make them come true.

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