How to have better wedding photos

Your wedding is getting closer and closer and you feel a little prepared. Among all the things that happen, there is a truly important one, having the best wedding photos.

Wedding photos are one of the most important elements of your event. After the banquet is over and the music is turned off, you want to be sure that, 10 years from now, you can travel back in time through some incredible photos.

That is why with my experience in event photography, I want to give you a few tricks so that you can achieve transcendental photos.

wedding couple beach

Plan your photos based on natural light

Light is the raw material for lens professionals, so it is a key element when planning. Typically the hours where the sun is high are not ideal for taking photos outdoors, this will depend on where you are, but this will be around 12 and 3 pm.

One of the best times for your photos is before sunset, so you will have warm colors and soft shadows. Something to keep in mind is the itinerary of your event. Try to set aside a specific time that doesn’t interfere with the ceremony, dances, and banquet. If you are working with a wedding planner, let me plan the best time for you and your partner to leave and take some photos in the best possible light. Check your photographer’s opinion about the best option for your location and the time of year

Dress in some matching items

Not only is it easy on the eyes, but it also helps create the best photos. Your bouquet is one of the most relevant details to take into account, so think of a piece that adds something original and incredible. Also take into account a headdress, jewelry, hats, nails, and of course, shoes.

Don’t try to impress your guests

Maybe you’ve been to a party where a person can’t get up from their chair because of those hurtful shoes, can’t breathe, and looks uncomfortable when dancing, all to impress others. All the things that bother you are noticeable, and, rest assured, they will be reflected in your photos.

Try to see your wedding day as one of the happiest moments of your life, this implies being yourself and forgetting about false appearances. This implies that both of you are comfortable and show your true self. As a photographer, few things are as epic as watching someone set free, doing things their way. This will result in authentic and special photos.

Have the best of spirits

Courageous and enthusiastic couples get the best images. For a day forget about the shame. Your photographer will show you pose and guide you with ideas, but it is always your attitude that is seen in the photos. No matter the situation if it rains or if the morning started on the wrong foot, if they have a delay in the itinerary. Photos full of smiles and laughter are the best. An open, energetic, and enthusiastic partner is a dream for any photographer.

Plan a post-wedding photoshoot

If you have the opportunity, extend your wedding package to have a session a few weeks after the wedding. A post-wedding session is your opportunity to travel and find incredible locations without pressure, without itineraries. If you dare, wear your dress without fear of getting it dirty, there is no reason to limit yourself and live a one-day adventure. Our country has cities, magical towns, deserts, beaches, mountains … you will have the most epic photos of your life.

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