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4 Reasons to Have a Non-Traditional Wedding | Marion Photography

Having a non-traditional wedding is becoming more popular, as couples are looking for ways to make their special day more unique and personal. Non-traditional weddings offer couples the freedom to break the mold and don’t conform with the expectations, instead, they are opting to create a celebration that truly reflects their personalities. There are many benefits to choosing a non-traditional wedding, and I’ll tell you below a few of these benefits.

Why Have a Non-Traditional Wedding?

•1 Creativity and Personalization

One of the biggest perks of having a non-traditional wedding is the freedom it creates for personalization and creativity. With non-traditional weddings, couples can incorporate elements that are meaningful to them, such as unique locations, unconventional décor, or unusual themes. These kinds of weddings can be held in locations that are not typically used for weddings, such as museums, art galleries, beaches, mountaintops, the woods, or pretty much anywhere where they can fit. By selecting a unique location, couples can make their wedding day feel like an adventure and create a unique experience for a lifetime.

Having the ability to choose and personalize all aspects of the ceremony and reception by incorporating elements and rituals that are special to them. For example, they can incorporate a friend or family to say a few words or have their pets included in the ceremony. Non-traditional weddings offer couples the ability to express their personalities in ways that traditional weddings can’t.

•2 Spend Money On What’s Important

Non-traditional weddings provide couples with more flexibility on where to spend their budget, by allocating it where it truly matters to them. Rather than spending a large portion of their budget on a big venue, catering for 100+ people, couples can focus on what’s truly important to them. This means that they can invest in a higher quality photographer, and choose a unique location to celebrate who they love the most.

As a photographer, I understand the importance of capturing your day in a way that is authentic and meaningful to you. That’s why I offer services to be a part of your non-traditional wedding, where I can help you find a unique location and find activities to make your special day, even better. I believe that spending on these services can help you preserve your memories in a unique way that you’ll treasure forever.

•3 Intimacy and Meaningfulness

Non-traditional weddings are often smaller and therefore more intimate, sometimes no guests are included at all, which can create a more personal and meaningful feeling. This can also provide a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, where they can truly enjoy each other’s company, without feeling the pressure of friends, family, and formalities. Having your special day just for you and the one you love the most, is what weddings should be, why not do it your way.

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•4 Less Stress and More Fun

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but a non-traditional wedding can be much less overwhelming and more enjoyable. With fewer guests, if any, there are fewer formalities to worry about, and couples can focus on the aspects of the wedding that are more important to them, and enjoy their day. This can lead to a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, where everyone can have fun and celebrate together. As a destination wedding photographer my services not only are to take your best photos, but also I offer couples help to create meaningful, personal, and memorable weddings, my approach is to work closely with each couple to find what’s the vision of their wedding, finding the perfect spot, getting the correct local vendors, and get all the help they need to create a wedding that truly reflects their personalities and values. I’m committed to creating a 360° experience for my couples so they can focus more on enjoying their day.

Does a Non-Traditional Wedding Sound Like You?

Non-traditional weddings offer couples many benefits, that traditional weddings, can’t have, like unique locations, more creativity, personalization, cost savings, intimacy, and meaningfulness, all by being a more relaxed experience and more fun overall. I’m passionate about helping couples create a wedding day that truly reflects why they are and what they like.

If you want to learn more about non-traditional wedding packages, please don’t hesitate to Contact Me. I’ll be honored to help you create the wedding of your dreams.

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